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GCC - Prep Year

Prep Year at GCC introduces your child to the structures and expectations of schooling in a supportive informal environment. This allows your child to develop spiritually, socially, physically, cognitively and creatively.

GCC’s Prep Year is based on the Qld Early Years Curriculum in an environment where teachers:

  • are committed to modelling Christian values and teaching;
  • love children and are sensitive to their needs;
  • are ongoing learners;
  • know and use developmentally appropriate practices;
  • monitor and facilitate children’s learning;
  • work in partnership with parents.

Prep at GCC offers a child-responsive curriculum where learning is facilitated through the five contexts of:

  • Play – investigation and reflection after play
  • Real Life Situations – e.g. planning a group activity together; making wise choices
  • Investigations – e.g. the weight of things and their capacity to hold water or float
  • Routines and Transitions – planning together; cleaning up after activities
  • Focused Learning and Teaching – e.g. identifying rhyming words in a song or rhyme; observing the characteristics of an insect found in the garden

Within these environments our passionate staff members respond to teachable moments when they can extend individual children’s learning experiences.