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GCC Vision

Our vision at Gulf Christian College is:  Equipping students through education, culture and service to influence communities for Christ.

We seek to do this through:

  • CHOICE – providing a real alternative and delivering quality Christian education with a strong focus on embedding Indigenous education throughout our curriculum
  • COMMUNITY – our heart is to build community through the education service we provide.
  • OPPORTUNITY – our role is to give our students the best opportunity possible to succeed in life – in their career, family and relationships.
  • SAFETY – we deliver a safe and welcoming school environment allowing our students to grow and prosper.
  • QUALITY – our curriculum is designed to deliver a quality education from a Christian worldview.
  • LEADERSHIP – our staff are leaders to our students who, in turn, become role models for their peers.

In an area where young people often have to leave their community to further their education or enrol in home schooling, it has long been our desire is to expand our capacity to offer a quality Secondary School education.

Our Mission Statement

Gulf Christian College will be recognised as a Christian College where opportunities are created for students through quality education, founded on Christian values and cultural heritage in partnership with staff, parents and the community.