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GCC - Our Staff

Gulf Christian College has been blessed with a quality team of dedicated staff who take a personal interest in the well-being of every student.

They are a team who are committed to the academic, social, physical and spiritual development of each of the children in their care.

Our staff provide a unique combination of care, experience and educational excellence and are prepared to go ‘above and beyond’ to contribute to the development of each student.

We take this opportunity to introduce you to our team

Lynn Morrison – Principal
Bruce Campbell – Executive Director
Helen Potter – Campus Operations Manager
Katrina Poade – Accountant
Chris Corey – Teacher (Middle School)
Rachael Pattemore – Teacher (Middle School)
Ray Clayton – Teacher (Middle School)
Jonathan Beales – Learning Support/Middle School Teacher
Doug Thomas – Teacher (Primary School)
Alicia Fanti – Teacher (Primary School)
Louise Loadsman – Teacher (Primary School)
Cynthia Thomas – Teacher (Prep)
Masline Nyawo – Teacher (Years 1-2)
Katherine Presley – Teacher (Years 3-4)

Ryan Mafua – Teacher (Years 5-6)
Tracy Pascoe – Language Teacher
Alwyn Owens – Cultural Support Officer
Simon Forman – Property Supervisor
Anne Sneddon – Administration Assistant
Cayla Martin – Teacher Assistant
Tracy-Lee Clayton – Teacher Assistant
Marisse Bee – Teacher Assistant
Serina Edwards – Teacher Assistant
Kassandra Morrison – Teacher Assistant
Michaela Pascoe – Teacher Assistant
Gillian Smerdon – Teacher Assistant
Carmin Owens – Teacher Assistant
Akaria Kahn – Tuckshop Assistant